Book Cover Illustration

A German book cover depicting key stories in the Old Testament


In 2017, I was commissioned to illustrate a book cover for an Austrian pastor and author Günther Weber. Durchblick AT: Das Alte Testament Aus Der Vogelsperspektive can be roughly translated to “OT Overview: The Old Testament from a Bird’s Eye.” This book provides a quick overview of the events in the Old Testament, considering historical and biblical context, content, structure and spiritual purpose.


The book's subtitle "The Old Testament from a Bird's Eye" got me thinking about the significance of birds in the Bible. They're used to illustrate simple truths in Proverbs such as swallows building their nests, storks knowing its seasons and hens gathering her chicks. Literal birds are mentioned in stories such as quails, hawks, pigeons, and ravens. Yet the most significant bird that stuck in my mind was the dove. Representing peace, I realized that the dove was the perfect visual reference to the heart behind this book: the Prince of Peace, Jesus. You will notice that the only illustration in white on the cover is this subtle dove watching the various Old Testament stories taking place...waiting to land when the time comes.
I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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