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Child Check desktop application

A Childhood Development Tracking website created as a prototype for USC's D-Health Lab.

Design Lead, 2015


Child Check is a joint venture brought to you by the D-Health Lab at USC. Pairing tech students with representatives from USC’s Keck School of Medicine and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, D-Health sought to make a simple application to help parents track their children’s early growth and developmental milestones. This app focuses on both the quantitative – like height and weight – and qualitative – like first steps and sitting upright – measures of early child developmental success. Its primary goal is to give parents access to their child’s growth data in an easily readable and functional desktop application, all from the comfort of their home.

The goal of the project is to create a dashboard to help both parents and physicians track developmental milestones. The app will help parents visualize data taken from the hospital electronic health record (EHR) system and from their kids’ past medical visits in a way that helps them track and understand their kids’ developmental milestones.

Technical Objective: To build an interactive dashboard that help parents visualize data taken from the hospital electronic health record (EHR) and track their kids’ developmental milestones


UI/UX Design



I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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