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Fall Women's Retreat

An invitation to come away

Branding & Marketing, 2018


The perfect place for women to gather to get away and take time to reflect on God’s love and purposes for your life. Leave your distractions and busyness at home and come to experience refreshment of mind, body and soul in the presence of Jesus. Created branding for annual Mount Hermon Fall Women's Retreats.

Typography & Color Palette

Neutraface Font Oh Samantha Font

HEX #f5bb84
RGB 245, 187, 132
CMYK 0, 24, 46, 4

HEX #e5997a
RGB 229, 153, 122
CMYK 0, 33, 47, 10

HEX #f7d0c9
RGB 247, 208, 201
CMYK 0, 16, 19, 3

HEX #f4f2f2
RGB 244, 242, 242
CMYK 0, 1, 1, 4

HEX #e0ae7d
RGB 224, 174, 125
CMYK 0, 22, 44, 12

Women's Retreat Logo
Women's Reflective Retreat logo
Woman Illustration
Trees Illustration
Woman Illustration
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This is where the fun begins: adapting and designing for digital and print, big and small.

Retreat in Progress Sign
Fall Women's Brochure Cover
Prayer Labryinth
Fall Women's Brochure Interior
Fall Women's Brochure Interior

Email Campaign

Created MailChimp campaigns for both marketing and for program emails.

Fall Women Emails

I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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