Joanna Goebel

"Interwined" Installation

California African-American Museum

3D, 2015


The Shared Otherness exhibition was a collaborative mixed-media exhibition referencing the community to which the University of Southern California and the California African American Museum belong.



Intertwined is a visual representation of the cultural entanglement that is characteristic of Los Angeles. Agency or intention aside, the intertwining of string, lines, and roads demonstrates the mixing of a diversity of world-views, perspectives, languages, and traditions – all of which comprise contemporary Los Angeles.

Installation Components

There are essentially three levels to this project:

  1. Distinct color groups of string draping down from various angles that converge at a point on wall
  2. From that point, the different color strings intertwine into a vinyl representation of the LA skyline
  3. This map illustration of LA highlights the ethnic enclaves (Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia...)
Vinyl Application

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