Joanna Goebel

Malibu Magazine

Editorial Design & Advertising

Print & Layout, 2013


Malibu Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that captures the spirit of this beautiful, famous coastal town. With a sleek, elegant aesthetic, this magazine contains relevant articles about exclusive happenings in the Malibu area, fashion + shopping, food + drink, getaways, home + real estate, and features highlighting exceptional Malibu residents doing exceptional things. I had the privilege of being a design intern during Summer 2013. Working directly with the Art Director, I created the various spreads shown below.

Mark Healey
Local Designers

Ad Campaigns

Beyond editorial design, I created ad campaigns for local Malibu businesses that wanted to advertise their services. It was key to design with their unique marketing goals in mind, yet to maintain a cohesive look that flowed with the rest of the magazine. I particularly enjoyed designing the ad for TheraSurf, an organization that uses surfing as a means of therapy for children with special needs. Their vision is to create a “can-do environment in a world full of limitations.”

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I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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