Summer Season 

Creating a fun visual style for a routine task



Change can be hard sometimes...
so why not make it fun in the process?

Each summer, this Christian camp offers special camp perks for the camp's "neighbors", homeowners sharing the same mountain community nestled in the redwoods. I was asked by the Guest Care department at Mount Hermon Inc. to help move a physical (mailer/print) summer registration process to the online realm.

Registration was previously all handled via print (mailing out info packets and residents physically turning in registration forms in person or by mail.) I was in charge of taking this information online, creating a landing page to house this same information. From beginning to end, I had the pleasure of working alongside the wonderful Guest Care team. Their input was insightful and very helpful as they anticipated potential guest confusion points. We ironed out the best flow of information. Hoping to combat potential resistance to the new online format, I decided to give this registration process a fun visual style to make the whole process more enjoyable.

Typography & Color Palette


Created to stir excitement for the joys of summertime.

Pool Scene Repurposed 

Fast forward to 2020... the year of the unexpected apocalypse. While campers were distraught to find out that all summer camps needed to be shut down due to COVID-19, the incredible Mount Hermon team created a "camp-in-a-box" type solution to delight families as they were sheltered-in-place. I was honored to see this summer illustration resurface! :)
I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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