Schtuff: A College Kid's Craiglist

A quick, easy commerce option for USC students


Schtuff was created to function as a platform for USC students to buy and sell from other students.
Students may search directly for particular items, browse, create a personalized account, and conveniently contact other student sellers. The target audience is USC students who live on or near campus. As opposed to a popular "Free & For Sale" Facebook page, Schtuff gives the user more control over viewing experience. I was the design lead.

The Problem

College students need a quick, safe, convenient way to sell their excess items, or find great bargains on used college supplies, all the while interacting exclusively with their campus community.
(and why they're annoying for students to use)
Craigslist: Misleading posts and ads; safety concerns (who's selling it?); location issues (how close to campus?)
Ebay: Auctioning process, Same security/convenience issues as Craiglist.
Facebook Free & For Sale: Long list of posts; cannot search for information; advertisements/ subleasing propaganda;
I'm Joanna Goebel, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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