October 10, 2023

Sketching life with young kids

Processing life with a drawing utensil is one of my favorite forms of "journaling." Since having kids, I've found that this practice takes on different forms:

1) Sketching my kids in person (ink sketch on left). This is extremely tricky with curious, active children, but with the right circumstances and distractions, it can be achieved (at least for a short time!) It's certainly a speed challenge!

2) Sketching memories from photos WITH my kids in person (marker sketch on top). This is a technique that I've enjoyed with my daughter especially. We use *her* sketchbook and we find photos from my phone of our adventures to draw. She draws on one page and I take the adjacent page.

3. Illustrating memories in Procreate (from photos.) This is the most unfamiliar to me and what I'd like to practice more. I've used Procreate for the last couple of years for client design & illustration projects however, I've spent little time creating any personal artwork in Procreate. I'm in the process of finding which Procreate brushes and styles feel natural and fun to me. My in-person ink speed sketches don't often include color so I feel like there's so much to explore! 🙂

Anybody else like to draw from life? What are your favorite mediums and methods to document normal life?

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